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Follies Makes an Important Study of America in the 70's

Follies developed a cult following in 1971, attracting a loyal pack of New York's finest actors, actresses, producers, and musical theatre doyennes, who saw the work as a breakthrough. Follies hard-hitting story of ex-showgirls, reuniting and remembering how fame influenced their lives, struck home. In a 1971 world exploring women's sexuality, celebrity culture, and the price of fame, America was a country birthing a new political era.

Corruption exposes including Watergate, Human Right's Movements, and Vietnam War protests, opened a door to explore why the American Dream seemed to be experiencing some kind of corrosion. Follies placed all those cultural references into lyrics, and made a musical about showgirls. The stage was set, the lights were up, and Follies took American Broadway audiences back, to the not too distant past, for a musical night-cap.

Follies fans on the net will enjoy exploring other Sondheim musicals, as there are interesting threads and patterns throughout. Sondheim is an extensive writer and composer with a large body of exemplary work in musical theatre and beyond. Excellent websites to explore this, and the history, wonder, and creation, of Follies are listed below:

Sondheim Guide - a dedicated Stephen Sondheim reference guide detailing all productions, cast lists, locations, and performance runs of Follies around the world.

The Stephen Sondheim Society - the ultimate reference point for all information on Stephen Sondheim, the man, his music, and the latest performance news. Sondheim is patron of the society, and the website's goal is to bring information about his works to the world wide web, and promote his extensive catalogue of works.

The Sondheim Crostics - for a bit of fun you could try this site called The Sondheim Crostics. A series of acrostic puzzles based on the lyrics of Sondheim's musicals await you there.

Sondheim Notes - a masters-level thesis exploring the dramatic function of songs in musicals, concentrating on Sondheim's 1970's musicals.

Sondheim - a fantastic resource fan page dedicated to Sondheim's musical productions. There's information on where his work is being performed around the globe right now, a fan blog page, a merchandise section, and a very interesting section called "Commentary" packed with critical reviews of all Sondheim's works.

Josef Weinberger Ltd - if you are thinking of staging a Sondheim musical, or thinking of staging Follies, this is the site where you can obtain the rights permissions from.

The Sondheim Review - this periodical is a quarterly publication online about musical and composition aspects of Sondheim's work. Articles include news, interviews, features, reviews, historical information, upcoming productions and an excellent list of links for internet surfers interested in all things "Broadway". Writers post from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London about all the latest information on Sondheim's work.

Stephen Sondheim in the New York Times - for information straight from the Big Apple try this site. Sondheim in the New York Times is a linked collection of every article about Sondheim to appear in this newspaper tome.

Stage Agent:Follies - for a plot synopsis of Follies, and a chart with details of the type of singers you'd need to stage the musical, this is a handy reference site. There's also an age-range guide for parts and performers, which is useful if you've got a company to consider.

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